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Once you have traffic coming to your website, all successful marketers will also tell you that you need to go a step further and to build your own list. Businesses around the world are making money with the power of building a targeted responsive email list. So you could do a lot worse than to start building one as soon as you can...

I can help you with that as well. Even if you have never built an email marketing list in your life, the simplest and best value autoresponder that I can find online is one provided by the EuropeanSafelist to upgraded members for just $3/month! Joining the safelist for free gives you immediate benefits and if you purchase an upgrade you'll get access to an autoresponder! This is amazing value and lets you explode your business and earn commissions at the same time!

RotateLinks Pro Traffic Co-op Recommended Sites

Listed below are a selection of advertising and paid2click opportunities that we use in our monthly co-op advertising package. If you are interested in purchasing a share in this Co-op, scroll on down the page until you see a buy button. As part of our Advertising Portfolio, the Traffic Co-op can return you some of your monthly subscription and more with our valuable free Purchase Points, but we do need you to see how it works BEFORE you buy.

Alternatively, all of the sites below are free to join and you are more than welcome to signup for any of them and copy what we do. Sites are changed if we decide their performance is no longer worth the time we spend on them. If you are already a RotateLinks Pro Member you will know that our Downline Builder only has a few opportunities listed, all of which are free to join for life. This doesn't mean we don't use downline builders, we just use other peoples, the main one being The Downline Traffic Buider, where you can ADD 100 PROGRAMS of your own for free as well as add your ID to their suggested websites and those of their Partners & Top Sponsors.

Use these Opportunities To Advertise. Some of these are free places I focus my surfing and some are paid advertising sites but are not the only places I am getting results. Your results will depend on what you are promoting and how much you are promoting.

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Clixsense are stopping PTC - we are looking for an establish replacement.
Listed Below Are Various Traffic Co-op's that we use in order to enable visitors to your website from even more sources.
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Shown below are some of the opportunities we promote in order to generate funds for our Money Builder & Asset Rewards. (Anybody can benefit from the Money Builder income just from using our Free Rotator.)

Super Ape
This is definately the new kid on our block but with a one-time membership fee of $7.00 and 4 Traffic Exchange Upgrades worth several hundred dollars there is massive value right from the start! It has a 2up membership plan that pays out $5 for each of your referrals, which can earn you a lot of money, especially if you are on a small budget.

The main purpose, however, is the 100% instant paypal payment opportunies that are listed in the downline builder. Purchase these personally, list them and promote Super Ape at just $7.00 and you could literally earn an absolute fortune!

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PIF Explosion
Monthly Cost $4.95 if you want to earn from this opportunity. 1 Solo Ad, 10,000 Banner Impressions & 500 Guaranteed Visits if you don't for FREE!
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Wealthy Affiliate
Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business. Join the Wealthy Affiliate Community of over 800,000 Internet Entrepreneurs!
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ViralAds Club
Every member of the Viral Ads Club promotes your ads for you... You simply cannot reach this many different ad venues by yourself! Unlimited Ads On Unlimited Websites AND Unlimited Residual Income!
Strong Future International
This is for the long haul and is not for the faint of heart. Unlike most opportunities out there, which sell advertising or internet marketing services to people who think they need them and teaches you to do the same, SFI owns TripleClicks, a massive worldwide marketplace of predominately physical products supplied by local members. (Think Amazon, but under one roof as opposed to a different roof in every country of operation.)

In my humble opinion, although SFI is a 20 year old multi-level marketing company that majors on building teams of referrals, its real power lies in TripleClicks. As it expands into more and more areas, including everyday items like food, imagine how great it would be to get paid for a tin of baked beans sold to somebody in, say India. Fantastic concept and they are getting there! Our Team Build Costs $36.25/month, which pretty much puts your referral recruiting on auto-pilot.

Signup For Free and have a very long play around as it can seem very overwhelming when you first login, before you commit to anything!

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